Saturday, March 25, 2017

Terrarium Frame - First Tests

Been designing a 3D-printed frame for a small terrarium. For the first test I used a clear plastic holiday ornament that is 100mm diameter. I went through a few iterations with the basic design

Some lessons learned:
  1. Flat pack, assembled designs print much quicker than monolithic, one-piece designs
  2. Tolerances are very important in assembled designs
  3. The simpler the joints the easier it is to control tolerances
  4. Test-fit one sample joints before printing multiples
  5. No shame in sanding-to-fit

I am playing with variations of this concept - different shapes, sizes and styles. I will share more details about all the designs and the design-process soon, but I also need to digest the lessons-learned before I can articulate them. (Update: Painted the frame with a faux antique bronze)

3D printed Terrarium frame

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