Tuesday, January 17, 2017

3D Printed Mesh on Green Clutch

Printed out some large chainmail mesh. Liked the design - not enough to print an entire garment from it, but I still wanted to experiment with it some more. So I headed to the thrift store to look for colorful backgrounds to work with. Here's the first try...

Liked the simple, graphic design of this bag. Thought it could hold up visually to the huge links in the 3d printed mesh. And the bright green showed up well through the mesh.

Yes, these links are almost an inch wide - and vey flexible.

I even picked up a nice retro dress that  mimicked the colors and shapes from the modified bag - pretty cool haul.

The 3d printed mesh was created with circles interlinked with a rod-and-knob joining hub. The links are big enough that there is lots of play between the links. It isn't "fabric like," but it is pretty flexible for a PLA print.

Got some more ideas for this design, including a red clutch and polka-dot dress. And I want to add some bling to the knobbies.